McLaren's Kenpo Karate & Yoga Studio 

We believe here at McLaren's Kenpo Karate Studio that excellence is in all of us.  Wether you are looking for better wellness of self, physcial shape, or an exellence of person.  We can help you on your path to self achievment.  
With more than 20+ years in the Martial Art community.

Getting Started is the Hardest part….

If you are new to or just thinking about the martial arts, I'd like to take a moment to encourage you. It's often said that the most difficult step in martial arts--the one that requires the most courage, is that first step. It takes guts to walk into a strange environment and step onto that mat for the first time. If you've found a good school (and most of them are) you will find that the people there will make you feel welcome. Everyone there from the newest student to the senior instructor of the school are on a journey of continual learning, self improvement and growth.

It won't be long before you are no longer "the new student", maybe you will have earned your first belt, who knows? In any case, you will eventually discover that it is the journey that counts at McLaren’s Kenpo Karate Studio. Wherever you are right now (age, physical ability, etc… is the perfect place for you to begin).

All that is required of you in order for you to begin your personal journey toward mastery is to take action now--take your first step--and then set incremental goals and continually work toward them.   

McLaren’s Kenpo Karate Studio
Tom McLaren – Senior Instructor/Owner
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